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TCBN is presently looking at the possibilities of broadcasting off of HOTBIRD Satellites.

Coverage Area:

Eutelsat's fleet  

Active for over 25 years in the field of commercial satellite communications, Eutelsat owns one of the youngest fleets in the world. From orbital positions between 15 degrees West and 70.5 degrees East the company provides coverage across four continents spanning Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, eastern North America, and South America.

Eutelsat's system is based on 24 satellites, of which 20 fully operated by the company:

The HOT BIRD™ satellites

Eutelsat’s flagship position, hosting five satellites, is a leading satellite neighbourhood worldwide in terms of number of channels broadcast. A total of 100 million households are equipped to view channels broadcast by the HOT BIRD™ satellites, either through direct-to-home reception or by cable. In addition to a Ku-band payload, HOT BIRD™ 6 carries a Ka-band payload which can be combined with onboard multiplexing services for fully meshed networks using small terminals.


With a powerful beam focused on the British Isles and two steerable beams focused on Germany, this satellite provides premium broadcasting capacity from 28.5 degrees East and broadcasts services into more than six million digital homes in the UK. It is also used to provide business services and delivery of channels to cable headends in continental Europe.


After four years operating at 13 degrees East as HOT BIRD™ 5, this high-power satellite, that is also equipped with SKYPLEX on-board processing, is now located at 25.5 degrees East.

The W satellites

W1, W2, W3 and W5 combine considerable power on the ground with wide coverage and steerable beams that take in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and western Asia. W5 has made a significant contribution to the expansion of Eutelsat's coverage of the Far East through a reach to Japan and as far as Australia. W4 is configured with high-power beams for pay-TV services and consumer Internet access in Africa and Russia. W3A, one of Eutelsat's most sophisticated satellites, combining Ku and Ka band frequencies and on-board multiplexing (SKYPLEX), was launched in March 2004 to serve markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Through a coverage over Europe as far as Siberia and a spotbeam over India and neighbouring regions, SESAT offers a direct connection between Europe and Asia for a wide range of telecommunications services.


Eutelsat has grouped the three ATLANTIC BIRD™ satellites in a region located between 12.5 degrees West and 5 degrees West. Their mainline mission is to offer a seamless link between the American continent, Europe, Africa and western Asia. The ATLANTIC BIRD™ 3 satellite has also enabled Eutelsat to enter the C-band market, with 10 transponders providing full coverage of Africa.


The first satellite designed for 2-way broadband Internet services, e-BIRD™ was launched in September 2003 to 33 degrees East to provide coverage of Europe and Turkey through four high-power beams.

Inclined orbit satellites (EUTELSAT II series)

Inclined orbit satellites offer cost-effective solutions for short-term professional applications, e.g. newsgathering. They are also used for Internet backbone services using antennas equipped with tracking.

Capacity leased through other operators

In order to expand and diversify the range of capacity Eutelsat can offer clients, the company has agreements to commercialise capacity on four satellites belong-ing to other operators. These agreements concern capacity on Telecom 2D, Telstar 12, Express A3 and Express AM22.


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