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History Dear Brothers and Sisters, Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord All Mighty Jesus Christ. I would like to share the testimony as well as how the TCBN was born. I am Alfred Kanagaraj working as an x-ray technician; I am living with my wife Hilda Sharadha and two of my daughters Benicia Alfred and Felicia Alfred. We used to get up early morning prayers at 3:30 am for prayers we used to wait on the Lord that time for His blessings, daily. In addition, I used to record the Christian programmes what were telecasted in the TV channels daily and circulate that to others. Since it is the odd time to get up and to watch we used to do this ministry daily. By the grace of Our Lord, I was ordained as a pastor for the Small group called Dessert Spring Fellowship. One day in the morning prayers when myself and my wife were praying I was inspired by the Holy Spirit saying that why don’t you start a Television Station on your own for 24 hours a day ? I was asking God how I could do this. This is big issue. He said I am with you to finish this. Therefore, from that day I started to check it out and asking so many persons who is in this line. When I met my cousin and told him regarding this. He directed me to meet Dr. John Williams who is the Founder and the President of International Institute of Church Management. When I met him and told him, I do not have anything to do this. He told me I will introduce one person and he will help you in this regard. That day he sent an e-mail to Rev.Ben Hindley, in Canada. Then we started to discuss the things how to do and what to do. By the grace of Our Al Mighty, I got the right person. From that day we started to do things first as per Rev. Ben’s advice we started the web site www.tcbn-india.org. We have now changed to http://www.tcbn-india.com We registered the name in TamilNadu Dharmapuri as Tamil Christian Broadcasting Network. By the grace of Our Al Mighty, we started to telecast our programmes in the cables first in Pondicherry, Cadalur, and Vilupuram and in Neyveli. We got good response through these telecasting. Then gradually we developed the telecasting through the cables. Now by the Grace of Our Al Mighty we are planning to join as a partner with Holy God Channel, who is telecasting 24 hrs through the satellite Tamil Christian programmes. This is how God blessed by giving Dr. Rev. Ben Hindley as our advisor and the consultant to proclaim the word of God. We would like to pray for this to get it done. Praise the Lord. MAKE IT HAPPEN AND BECOME A SPONSOR God Bless you and your family. Alfred Kanagaraj President TCBN
TCBN INDIA TELEVISION NETWORK Rev. Dr. S. Alfred Kanagaraj D.D., M.Div., B.Sc., D.R.Gd.,Ph.D Bethel, No 9, Siddheshwara Nagar Dharmapuri - 636705 Tamilnadu, South India, Contact Number : +91 9597778422.