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Ministry Activities 2008 - 2009 TCBN Ministries: activities of TCBN in the year of 2008 to 2009. TCBN - (Tamil Christian Broadcasting Network) has been formed to telecast the word of god thro visual media via satellite. Now at present we telecast the word of god thro’ cable net work in Dharmapuri from 6.00 a.m to night 12.00 p.m. We do telecast the god’s word from the varieties of pastors and speakers from various places. We do telecast the Christian songs which were done by the various artists. We do telecast various types of cultural programmes from different age group of people. TCBN is one of the ways to highlight the pastors from various denominations to proclaim the word of god by telecasting the messages from them. For this TCBN spends monthly Rs. 60,000/= as the payment to the cable connections. This is connected to 35 kms around whole Dharmapuri district. Nearing about 5,00,000 viewers are watching TCBN daily. TCBN is planning to extend its service to nearby district Krishnagiri in near future. TCBN gives immediate results for the 10th and the 12th result on live when the results are announced. TCBN is telecasting the local news which is collected from Dharmapuri p.r.o. office daily morning and evening as TCBN news. For this we have a reporter who is available for 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week round the clock to go and collect the news by audio and by visual. TCBN shares Rs.22,500/= as the production charges for this purpose monthly. This helps the local people to know what is happening from the government side and from the local happenings. We have 7 staff working for TCBN dedicating themselves. As the salary to the staff working in TCBN it pays Rs. 22,000/= per month as the staff salary monthly. TCBN is having a live telecast daily morning for an hour to pray for others who is in need of prayers for the sickness and for their peaceful life and for their problems by changing the pastors with their wive daily as live. This is a great and wonderful time for the TCBN viewers for those need the prayers for their families most of the prayer requests are from the other religions who watches daily TCBN channel an so many prayer requests are answered as well. TCBN takes this opportunity to help in praying for the needs of the local people. Daily TCBN gets around about 15 to 20 calls in an hour for the prayer help. TCBN- as well as doing the ministry of god it serves the people those who are in need of help. TCBN – started the tuition centers for the poor children. To have their extra coaching in their studies after the school hours. Due to these programmes the children who cannot afford to pay the extra coaching in their studies are getting benefited. TCBN does this with the well experienced teachers who really dedicated to this service with whole heart. Because of this we improve the wisdom and the knowledge to the poor students and also TCBN is proud of creating the good citizens to the nation. For this purpose TCBN shares Rs.3000/= per month. TCBN has 4 tuition centers in various places where the help is needed. TCBN did a bore-well in Thadangam, in Dharmapuri Where there was no water for them to use for the daily usages. Because of this bore well the whole village is getting use of having water for 24 hrs without ceasing. Because of this bore well 250 students who is staying in the compassion center is getting the sweet water daily without any problems all the 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week. Also the people who live around this compassion centre around 1000 families are getting befitted by getting the water for the house usages. For this purpose TCBN spent Rs.40,000/= and takes the pleasure to help that village people as well as the students of the compassion center. TCBN – is having a monthly magazine. Which carries word of god for adults, women, youths and children. This magazine helps the new writers to expose their talents as well as their ideas and encouraging the writers to grow more in their skills. For this TCBN spends monthly Rs.3800/=for this purpose. TCBN – joined with end time fellowship and with YFC to have yearly youth conference. Where around about 1500 to 1600 youths gather to know the lord and to surrender themselves in the hand of the al mighty. In this youth conference we invite out side speakers to come share the word of god and the music team will perform their talents. Also we encourage the local church youngsters to perform their skills in the music and in other talents before the other youths to encourage to perform in the other conference. To achieve this TCBN shares Rs.12,450/= per year. TCBN – is conducting vocational bible school for the children. During the summer holidays for 5 days to 10 days. At the end of the last day the children were provided by the love feast and the programmes which they learnt from the VBS to expose their talents. So many children are getting benefitted in this by showing their talents before their parents and before the audiences. In this the kids learn so many good habits and the good skills. They were taught this by the well experienced teachers to teach them the good morals and the way to live and how to respect the elders and how they can become the good citizens and how they can help others when they were in need for the help. TCBN has the privilege to do this to the kids when they are in the summer time an use the summer holidays in a useful and great way. For this TCBN spends Rs.10, 000/= per year. TCBN – conducts a yearly convention for 3 days every year. In this convention we invite other church pastors as well as their congregation to come and participate. Mostly around about 600 people from different congregation come and attend and glorify the lord. First 2 days the guest speaker will be delivering the word of god and the third day is the chairman’s day. In this conventions people get good messages and the healing. Also we encourage the youth to come perform their talents by having music and the singing. For this TCBN spends Rs.40,000/= per year. TCBN – is having a family council centre in the TCBN office. In this we have pastor to guide and council the family as well as the singles. When they have the problems in their life and helping them how to deal the situations in a wonderful way. We do meet the people daily in the office to have the counseling for them. Through this so many people are getting good counseling and coming out of the problems and having and leading good and peaceful life.
TCBN INDIA TELEVISION NETWORK Rev. Dr. S. Alfred Kanagaraj D.D., M.Div., B.Sc., D.R.Gd.,Ph.D Bethel, No 9, Siddheshwara Nagar Dharmapuri - 636705 Tamilnadu, South India, Contact Number : +91 9597778422.