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Our Mission: To establish and administer a Christian Television/Radio and Internet Broadcasting Stations in India. To establish Christian E-Learning and Training Centres throughout India. and to undertake programmes of social actions for the welfare of the poor, needy, under privileged and neglected sections of society irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion or language. Our Objective: To establish educational institutions, Christian Radio/Television and Internet Broadcasting Stations wherever the need is felt and to cultivate in students a love for Nature, a respect for the Creator, a legitimate pride in our cultural heritage, a sense of national, social and emotional integration, a social concern for the poor, needy, under privileged and neglected sections of society besides the sound theoretical and practical knowledge imparted in fulfillment of the demands of the academic streams chosen. To get these Christian Radio/TV, Internet Education Services recognized by the respective state governments or affiliated to appropriate boards of Education/universities, as the case may be and strive for excellence in academic standards. To Broadcast Christian Radio/TV and Internet Programs to children of different language groups. To draw out and develop innate abilities of the volunteers and to provide opportunities to gain at least one manual work experience at the right time in their school life and for a sufficient period of time. To inculcate Christian values in the minds of the students so as to be reflected in their life-style and nurture them in Christian discipline from childhood and help them to develop into responsible and useful citizens of our country. To employ qualified staff with personal Christian faith and commitment. To Broadcast Programs of higher levels of education as and when necessary and feasible, and, if desirable, diversification of educational effort to train scholars for a vocation. To Broadcast Christian Radio/TV. Internet Programs to the necessary infrastructure in selected villages where there is a crying need for rural development by launching programmes in education, health and hygiene. To co-operate with the government in programmes aimed at improving the condition of the poor, needy, under-privileged and neglected sections. To hold any property, movable or immovable anywhere in India which may be purchased, demised, given to or vested in the society, and to execute, administer, lease or dispose of the same in accordance with the wished and discretion of the society. To open, operate and close bank accounts anywhere in India in accordance with the resolution of the society. To receive donations and gifts and augment funds through such means and manner that the society will think fit and do such other acts things that may seem necessary, convenient, conducive and incidental to the realisation of the objects of the society. To run as per rules and regulation of the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act of 1975. To open up Broadcasting Stations throughout India. To Produce Christian Radio/TV and Internet Programs to be Broadcast over the air and through the Internet worldwide.
TCBN INDIA TELEVISION NETWORK Rev. Dr. S. Alfred Kanagaraj D.D., M.Div., B.Sc., D.R.Gd.,Ph.D Bethel, No 9, Siddheshwara Nagar Dharmapuri - 636705 Tamilnadu, South India, Contact Number : +91 9597778422.